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Chiropractor Vernon, Dr. Liz MojicaMeet Dr. Liz Mojica

Initially, Dr. Liz intended to go to medical school but first attended medical technology school and started her career as a lab scientist. Her primary tasks involved taking blood work and samples.

After working for a year at a hospital, Dr. Liz realized that she wasn’t helping people in a way that she wanted to. It was then that she decided to explore other options and looked into chiropractic, as her mom went to the chiropractor for her fibromyalgia. “She got great results and enjoyed a better quality of life.” Dr. Liz also liked that chiropractic took a holistic approach and no medication is involved.

Obtaining a Chiropractic Education

Dr. Liz earned a Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. Her experience in clinic opened her mind as to how she practices today. “I realized that the adjustment does so much more than treat the patient for myofascial pain.”

Restoring Communication in the Body

She decided to offer her patients subluxation-based care that focused more on the adjustment. A subluxation is an interference in the spine that prevents the proper communication between the brain and the body. Dr. Liz likens it to cell phone communication. “If you don’t have full bars your communication won’t be perfect, and you may not understand what the caller is saying.

“If on the other hand, you have five bars, you’ll get the full message and understand it completely. By ensuring the signal strength is there, the body takes care of the rest regardless of where the ailment is.”

Dr. Liz had one patient, who for the past five years, wasn’t able to walk upright and had a lot of pain. He just came in for 3-4 visits, and when she and the other doctors adjusted him, he noticed the pain decreased and he was able to walk straight.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not working, Dr. Liz enjoys spending a lot of time with her family, particularly outdoors. They like to mountain bike when it’s warm and go birdwatching.

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