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Meet Dr. Molly Casey

Chiropractor Vernon, Dr. Molly CaseyDr. Casey, who first experienced chiropractic care in her teens, became a chiropractor because she wanted to address the cause of the issue to promote optimal functioning, versus manage symptoms. From a young age, she always wanted to be a doctor and chiropractic made sense to her as an approach to health.

Education and Experience

Graduating from University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic, Dr. Casey has been practicing for over a decade caring for families and children from the beginning. The majority of this time has been in Southern California running her own practice and being highly involved as a leader in the local community. Joining forces with ViVO Chiropractic in 2016, she brought her love for community and a family setting, as well as her deep love for adjusting kids, thus getting them off to the healthiest start in life. Dr. Casey believes it’s vital to adjust children from birth on.

Chiropractic As an Optimal Life Experience

Dr. Casey believes that the power that made the body heals the body. For her, chiropractic is the foundational component of health care. It’s about allowing the innate intelligence of the body to be able to operate without interference.

“When that occurs, we’re able to experience life and health to the greatest degree, and in turn, we are able to then serve in this world to the greatest degree. Chiropractic isn’t simply about health but an optimal life experience.” Dr. Casey believes that chiropractic allows people to move through this world with the cleanest and clearest chance to experience life and health and then to serve the world with their gifts.

Communicating the Message of Chiropractic

Throughout her years as a chiropractor, Dr. Casey has enjoyed communicating the clarity of chiropractic’s message, whether while adjusting patients or through conversation. “Chiropractic is in my blood. I’ll adjust someone until the day I die.”

Outside the Practice

Outside of the office, Dr. Casey loves being outdoors and spending time with her best buddy, a 12-pound pup named Shanti. Dr. Casey is deeply steeped in, coaches and speaks on spirituality and personal, leadership development. She firmly believes that we are only here to give to others. “When we operate from that standpoint, whether it be personal, professional or any other element in our life, it’s an amazing experience.”

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