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Days Off School, Chaos All Around - And How ViVO Chiropractic Can Help!

We're openSo much coming at us all and it can be scary. We know that the best thing to do right now is to make sure we’re all taking great care of each other and ourselves.

Most importantly, taking care of our immune systems so that if you do come in contact with the virus, your body can quickly can fight it!

Here’s a quick list of things you can do to boost your immunity:

GET ADJUSTED. We will continue business as usual over the following weeks because we know how important a strong immune system is to fight any virus your body comes in contact with – an adjustment alone can boost your immune response by 200%!

Now is when your body needs chiropractic more than ever. We want you to know we’re taking extra precautions at ViVO to keep you safe

  1. We are consistently wiping down all surfaces within all ViVO offices
  2. We will be handing out the fruit (while it lasts) from the front desk so only freshly washed hands are touching it
  3. We have removed all the toys that aren’t easily wiped down to sanitize and bring back out when things have cleared. Apologies ahead of time if your kiddos favorite toy is missing when they come in.
  4. All surfaces and tables are cleaned consistently.
  5. If anyone calls in with any mention of not feeling well, we will move all sick visits to outside regular patient hours and in a separate room that regular adjustments will not occur in
  6. We will spread out our schedule so we can keep the waiting room free of people as much as possible. Come in, get an immune boost and head home!

running woman

During this time, let’s all do our part to combat what we can control and keep using chiropractic to strengthen your immune system.

There’s no better time then now to ensure your body has the ability to adapt to any virus and exposure out there.

  • Feed your body the good stuff! More greens, less processed + sugary foods, cut way back on booger- inducing dairy. Drink LOTS of water!
  • Get plenty of exercise and outdoors. Even if your workouts go from the gym to home, or happen in the home itself, movement is so calming to your brain + great to boost your immune system! Make sure to break a sweat, because that’s how our body gets things moving on out!
  • Manage your stress levels. In times like this, our stress levels sky rocket. Stress is known to cause 90% of all illness and will only dramatically decrease our body’s ability to FIGHT. Amidst all the unknown and chaos right now, try and find peace. Meditate, stay away from social media, love on your people, and stay calm.
  • Get plenty of restful sleep. Your immune system requires large amounts of energy, so it depends on adequate sleep to function at full capacity
  • And of course, wash your hands!

We’re in this together and we’re caring for you

Dr. Chris, Dr. April, Dr. Brandon, Dr. Liz & The ViVO Team

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