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Meet Dr. Chris LaVoie

Chiropractor Wethersfield, Dr. Chris LaVoieDiscovering the Power of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Chris grew up an athlete, and played three years of varsity football in addition to hockey and lacrosse in high school. During this time, he developed neck pain and frequent headaches. After a doctor suggested he take Advil, he found himself popping 2400 mg on game day mornings—far too much than anyone should ever be taking.

When Dr. Chris went to college, his headaches and neck pain continued and almost cost him his education. Thankfully, a friend of his introduced him to chiropractic care—the rest, as they say, is history!

Dr. Chris was so enamored by the power of chiropractic care that he experienced firsthand that he almost immediately decided to become a chiropractor.

He later attended the renowned New York Chiropractic College, completing his courses without any breaks. After spending time working as an associate in a chiropractic practice after graduation, Dr. Chris opened Family Chiropractic of Wethersfield in 2004.

Seeing His First Miracle

While in chiropractic college, Dr. Chris’s friend (also a chiropractic student) was experiencing a very bad headache. She begged him to adjust her, though he was a bit nervous as upper cervical adjustments are notoriously difficult and require extreme precision.

Dr. Chris gathered himself and performed the adjustment. Almost immediately, she felt relief and her headache resolved. In that moment, Dr. Chris experienced the incredible relief and healing he could share with others via his own hands—and he couldn’t wait to share that with the entire world.

Today, Dr. Chris works with patients of all ages, carefully crafting care plans that are unique and specific to their own needs—never more, never less.

Accreditations and Professional Associations

Outside of the Practice

When Dr. Chris isn’t helping patients get their health back on track in the practice, he enjoys spending time with his wife, children and brother. Dr. Chris has an older daughter who resides in New Zealand, and loves when she’s able to visit several times each year. In addition to his family, he’s a self-proclaimed ‘car guy’.

Get to know more about Dr. Chris and how he can improve your health and wellness naturally when you book an appointment with our practice.


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