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The Differences Between Wellness Care & Chiropractic Care

Woman with arms out at the beachMention chiropractic, and many people think of back and neck pain relief. While we certainly help people get out of pain every day at ViVO Chiropractic ®, we offer so much more. “A lot of the patients we help choose to stay with us to be healthier, after we’ve helped them with their ‘problem,'” said Dr. Chris.

Just as people do many different things in their lives to be healthy, such as drinking more water, working out, and eating organic food, chiropractic care is another critical aspect of living a healthy lifestyle.

Maximize Your Body’s Potential

Chiropractic is a powerful tool that helps people maximize their body’s potential. The primary thing that we look at is the health of your body. One of the biggest determinants of that is how well your brain and your body communicate. Our brain controls every organ, tissue and cell in our body, and the better and more efficiently the brain and body can communicate, the better the body will function.

When there are subluxations in the spine, it creates interference or distortion of those signals. That distortion then can lead to things not running optimally. Part of wellness care is to help restore that communication so the body can operate at its best, like a fine-tuned race car firing on all cylinders.

Does Your Body Have Five Bars?

Just as you want your smartphone to have five bars for optimal signal strength, you want your body to function at its maximum. “When you’re getting adjusted, it’s like having all five bars of your signal on high alert; everything is functioning at its best, and you’re feeling your best,” said Dr. April.

That’s opposed to when you get stressed out or when you’ve had a physically challenging day and you’re now down to a single bar. Your energy is totally depleted, and you have nothing left in the tank.

The good news is you don’t have to get to one bar. We want to help you be strong and healthy, so you can be at your best each day. That’s where wellness care comes in.

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